Pourquoi Choisir les Nouveaux Espaces

Nous faisons du sur-mesure pour vous

Whatever your desires and availability, we are looking for the best solution. We can create the trip that best fits your dream and your budget.

We always start with an exchange where we analyze your travel plan. Then, together, we design the solutions, as close as possible to your interests and your desires.

We bring you all the explanations and advice you want on hotels, style, comfort, leisure activities, climate during the chosen period.

Des possibilités de destinations et de formules quasi-infinies

At Nouvelles Espaces, we follow your wishes as closely as possible. Our teams travel a lot and we are always looking for the advisor who knows the best answer to your request. We strive to find the best compromise between the available travel offers and your budget.

Your advisor refines your project with you based on your vacation periods, the composition of your family and any other criteria that is important to you. We always offer you several options, with different alternatives, in relation to the price, the quality of the hotels, the dates. The optimal combination depends on all these parameters, as well as the season and the airport of departure.

It is our job to optimize the budget of each client. The only goal we have is to find what works best for you at the best price. We launch multi-criteria searches and, within seconds, proposals arrive. We can then compare the prices for each hotel, each round trip flight.

All Inclusive : prestation la plus demandée par nos clients

Several levels of “all inclusive” exist: for example during part of the day, but also 24 hours a day.

At New Spaces, we look for the specifics of each hotel and adjust our response to your request; it is part of our professionalism.

Faire mieux que ce que vous auriez pu imaginer !

For the same budget, our role is to take you further, to find warmer climates, friendlier destinations, more luxurious hotels.

We do everything to facilitate your well-being during your holidays, in order to discover the best and to offer you the maximum pleasure according to your budget.

Activités, loisirs, sports.. nous prenons tout en compte !

The cultural aspect, certain hobbies, the practice of a sport or an activity can be important in choosing a destination. At Nouvelles Espaces, we ask you the question “What do you want to do when you are there?”

We are not trying to sell only one price! We are attentive to your wishes. Our IT tool makes it possible to integrate your centers of interest in our research and to select only the hotels which correspond to your sensitivity.

In addition, we pool the knowledge of all our employees. We have pushed the limits of the possible to the extreme, almost anything is possible!

Example: We were able to respond to the wishes of football teams who asked us to go abroad in cities where they could play with other teams on site. The same can be said for tennis, golf, horse riding, etc.

Observation permanente du marché du voyage dans les principaux pays d’Europe

In order to anticipate and always offer the best that can be done, at Nouvelles Espaces, we constantly monitor the travel market from the main European countries.

In France, Germany and Switzerland, we have correspondents and collaborators who keep us up to date with news and opportunities, as much on products and destinations as on software for accessing this data.

Thanks to this, we have a significant technological advance compared to most of our colleagues.

Des centaines de milliers de voyages vendus depuis notre création

Our experience allows us to get to know tour operators well. The reputation of a brand is made on thousands of travelers, of which we have the echoes; we are following this very closely.

We work with French, but also Swiss and German suppliers, who have the highest tourism standards in Europe, perhaps even in the world.

Thanks to the comparators we use, we put our suppliers in competition and the gains for our customers are impressive, often exceeding hundreds of euros per trip, especially for families. Compare with whomever you want!