Le mot de Michel Jolidon

Vous en rêviez, on l’a fait pour vous !

When we created New Spaces, we dreamed of a system like this for us … so we put it in place for you.

The concept is simple: we take the time you don’t always have to choose your trip together. For this, we have set up a world of expertise, which uses listening (people) and computer power (comparison engines).
We now have more than 20 years of existence, a lot of experience, hindsight and recognition from our partners.

We are very happy to have the children of our first clients who come in turn to entrust us with their travels. New customers come from all over France, thanks to our tens of thousands of loyal customers who talk about them around them. Word of mouth works well!

Les engagements de Nouveaux Espaces

Only from the trip

Independent remain

Always check the quality

Find the best prices

Offer all the hotels in the world, in a relevant way

Be curious and watch new trends to always be ahead of the market

Notre Relation Client

Our customers trust us, so we owe it to them to find the best. It’s like a friendly relationship, we owe it to them to give them the maximum of our knowledge, our knowledge, our experience. We are always looking for them to be the best they can be, to find what they are looking for!

And we try as much as possible to lend a hand to luck! At New Spaces we are not afraid to say that we love our customers, that we have a really friendly relationship with them.

Notre Relation Fournisseur

New Spaces brings together most of the best German brands (over 23!), As well as many of the best French and Swiss brands!

We always have the information of our suppliers according to the new currents of ideas of northern Europe and we pass it on to our customers well before.

Ma Philosophie

As gastronomy is the art of preparing food to find happiness, my philosophy is to develop each trip, so that it is a source of joy. But the customer’s imagination is more important than our knowledge.

Traveling makes you think differently, you discover other ways of living. Nothing develops intelligence more than travel.

An open life course, turned towards others. My rule: if it’s going well for you, it’s fine for me!

Michel Jolidon